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No Free Pillows for YOU! On Jet Blue..

Posted by thetraveldoctor on August 4, 2008


Jet Blue aircraft on taxi

Jet Blue aircraft on taxi

Well, here is the next thing that an airline has found to charge the traveling public for. Pillows and blankets, that’s right,  Jet Blue is selling a pillow-blanket kit for $7 on flights of 2 hours or more. What will those marketing geniuses come up with next!

Now there is an upside to this. There has been a lot of talk about how airline pillows and blankets on the aircrafts harbor all types of germs. So with this sealed pillow-blanket kit, it is a one use deal and it is made from MicronOne fabric which blocks all micro-toxins larger than one micron in size, such as dust mites, mold spores, pollen and pet dander. Oh, and you can take it home with you and bring it on your next flight.

So, if you don’t want to pay $7 for a pillow and blanket, you will have to bring your own from now on on Jet Blue. I am still waiting for the airlines to charge fifty cents to use the toilet!

One Response to “No Free Pillows for YOU! On Jet Blue..”

  1. airlinefees said

    Beginning February 16th – a pillow and blanket in coach on US Airways, it’s going to cost you $7.

    The navy blue bag includes a blanket, an inflatable neck pillow, eye shades and earplugs. The Power-Nap Sack on US Airways sells for $7. The US Airways Blue bag will replace the limited complimentary pillows and blankets previously available in Coach.

    US Airways is following the lead of JetBlue Airways, which also sells a pillow kit for $7.

    The airline said it will stop handing out free pillows and blankets in coach on domestic flights on Feb 15th.

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