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Royal Caribbean New Ad Campaign A Real “Dud”

Posted by thetraveldoctor on December 13, 2008


At Sea on Royal Caribbean

At Sea on Royal Caribbean

You have probably seen the new Royal Caribbean commercial called the “Nation of Why Not?”  This is the new ad campaign for Royal Caribbean. I cannot tell you that who ever came up with this campaign should be FIRED! What a DUD! It is so bad that I have to change the channel every time it comes up on my TV. It looks like a really bad Magic Kingdom commercial. If this what Royal Caribbean thinks will get people to sail on their ships, well they have another thing coming. 

The past campaign was “Get Out There!” Now that was a great campaign as it showed that you could do anything on a cruise vacation. A real upbeat campaign. It made you say “That looks like FUN!” 

But now the powers that be have come up with this terrible campaign that is driving people away from the brand. My advise to Royal Caribbean, dump this campaign and regroup and come up with something GOOD! After 37 years in the travel industry, I think I know what I am talking about.


2 Responses to “Royal Caribbean New Ad Campaign A Real “Dud””

  1. I agree with this post, I know RCCL is trying to think of new ways to appeal to more people, but this add came at the wrong time with the economy being the way it is. It makes people think of why they cant go on a cruise right now, not why they should go on a cruise right now. Especially since cruises are becoming and are one of the most economical choices in vacationing.

  2. Pinkie said

    The latest is like they are pretending to be a fighter plane at war on some poor little dog sled. I wonder where they’re going with it, and instead of ‘Why not’ maybe should be ‘better not.’ I liked it at first, but when you finally realize they are not going to kill the dogs (I was expecting to see Sarah Palin’s red sleeve) finally you go, “oh, I get it’s supposed to be fun in Alaska,” or, “Oh, it’s a joke,I didn’t realize.” It’s just dumb.

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