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Bogus Currency Conversion Fee on Bank of America CC

Posted by thetraveldoctor on February 17, 2009


Just Waiting for That International Flight

Just Waiting for That International Flight

You think that you have seen everything and then your friend gets hit with a bogus credit card charge for purchasing an Air Canada ticket in the United States. Here is what happened.

My friend purchased a ticket from a travel agent in the Chicago area. The Ticket was purchased  from Chicago to Rome round trip on Air Canada with a connection in Toronto. The ticket was purchased in the United States in US dollars. Now you should know that it is against the law to purchase an international ticket in the United States in a foreign currency, so the ticket must be purchased in US Dollars. My friend used his Bank of America Visa card to purchase the ticket. When the Bank of America Visa statement arrived, there was a 3% currency conversion fee for the ticket which amounted to over $80. Now how do you charge a currency conversion fee for a ticket that was purchased in US dollars? That’s right, you can’t but Bank of America did because they can and there is nothing you can do about it because they tell you it is a fee that cannot be disputed.

We talked with Air Canada and they agreed that the ticket was purchased in US dollars in the US and there was never any currency to convert. We called Bank of America back and they insisted that they were right that there was a currency conversion (yeah right) and that the fee could not be disputed. My friend asked Bank of America for proof. They said they would send proof. I can’t wait to see what they sent. The travel agent has proof that there was never any currency conversion, Air Canada has proof there was never any currency conversion, but Bank of America, they have proof. This is the biggest scam I have seen in the travel industry in years. I cannot imagine how much money is taken in by charging this fee on Air Canada tickets.

If anyone out there has had this happen to them, please reply to this blog. This has got to end and my friend will not let it go.


6 Responses to “Bogus Currency Conversion Fee on Bank of America CC”

  1. Shannon said

    Ugh! I just noticed a charge on my statement and am so mad! I was on the phone with a woman at Bank of America today and she just kept reading me the 3% charge for International purchases of my bank agreement. The best part is that B of A offers an Air Canada aeroplan points credit card. I’m ready to change banks.

  2. gary said

    so what happened?

  3. Ingird said

    This same thing happened to me buy a British Airways ticket in the US. British Airways sent me the electronic purchase info and everything was in USD (US Dollars). They said if the transaction had happened in Pounds, it would have said GBP.

    Bank of America said that the transaction went through London and that is why the fee was there.

    Both companies blamed the other.

  4. tery said

    i would call the bank and also send them and email an put in the cc box attention attorney generals office, i would then contact the better business beuarau (SP), the fed trade commision and the banking commision. MAKE BIG BIG NOISE ABOUT THIS. bofa has to be the biggest scam of a bank and i think everyone should pull there money out so they go under and banks understand that without our money your not a bank!!

  5. Deirdre said

    Same thing here. Shows up as a checkcard purchase from British Airways, yet they’re blaming the bank. This happens to be the third ticket i’ve purchased, and the first time they’ve done this. I contacted the dispute department at BofA and they’ve credited the fee back until the dispute is resolved. Gold diggers.

    • thetraveldoctor said

      BofA is still at it. Don’t let them take your money. Stand up to the Bank. This is the biggest scam I have ever seen from a legitimate business.

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