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Carnival Cruise Line to Rework Three Ships with More Balconies

Posted by thetraveldoctor on October 3, 2008


The Theater on the Carnival Liberty

The Theater on the Carnival Liberty

Carnival Cruise Lines announced that they will be taking 3 ships out of service over the next three months to add cabins with balconies. The three ships are the Carnival Destiny, Carnival Triumph and the Carnival Liberty.  A total of 48 balcony cabins will be added to these ships. These cabins will feature floor to ceiling windows.


Ruben Rodriguez, Carnival’s executive Vice President stated that “Balcony staterooms continue to be in great demand. In fact, they’re often the first cabin category to sell out.” 

Carnival will also add two, 750 square foot “deluxe penthouse suites,” to the Carnival Liberty. These two penthouse suites have a separate bedroom, living room and two full baths and can accommodate up to five passengers.

I am looking forward to these upgrades to these great Carnival Ships.

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Art Auctions on Cruise Ships, worth the Time?

Posted by thetraveldoctor on September 30, 2008


Cruise Ship at Port in Mexico

Cruise Ship at Port in Mexico

If you have traveled on a large cruise ship in the past 10 years, you have probably experienced the Art Auctions at Sea. There has been many articles written on this subject over the past 10 years, some good and some not so good. I have sat in on many of these Art Auctions on cruise ships and I have actually enjoyed it. I have learned some things about the art work and artists and enjoyed the company of the other passengers attending the auction. 


Some of the articles that have been written on this subject have taken to task the value of the art work that is up for auction on these ships. One person interviewed said they spent $73,000 on artwork that was later appraised for $10,000. I really have a hard time believing that someone would actually spend that kind of money on an art auction at sea. Who in their right mind would spend that kind of money without doing their homework prior to the auction. It is always buyer beware! Know your product before you buy anything. If you are going on a cruise and want to bid on some art, then make sure you know what that art is currently selling for before you bid on it. If you have no idea what that piece of art is worth, then don’t bid on it. It is that simple. I have no sympathy for anyone that throws money around buying things they know nothing about and then complain about the purchase. 

I know animation art very well. I know what a framed piece cost, so if I were to bid on a piece of animation-art on a cruise ship, I would know what a good price for that piece is and what a ridiculous price is. Plus, I would never buy an expensive piece of animation art on a whim. 

So if you are sailing on a cruise ship in the not to distance future, and you find yourself attending one of the Art Auctions At Sea, sit back and enjoy the view  out the window, enjoy the company and the narrative on the artwork and sometime you many even get free Champaign. But never make an Art  purchase on a whim and if you do bid on something, know what you are doing. And remember to “Have a Great Cruise!”

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