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US Air…Charging for Drinks Won’t Help

Posted by thetraveldoctor on July 28, 2008


These airlines just don’t get it. US Air has now taken the entertainment units off all of their planes. What a great way to attract new customers. Then they decide to charge for soft drinks. What will they think of next? Maybe they will charge a dollar to use the rest room.

As I have said before, these airlines do not know how to run their business. The don’t understand that it’s all about the customer. Make your product uncomfortable and hard to use and people will stop using it. And that is where these airlines are going. 

The only airline out there that “Gets it” is Southwest. They don’t promise the world and they deliver a consistently good product that their passengers love. The rest of the industry could learn a lesson from Southwest. Thanks Herb Kelleher for showing the world how to run an airline.

A morning flight over Seattle WA

A morning flight over Seattle WA

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