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Update on United Customer Service Problem.

Posted by thetraveldoctor on September 1, 2008


Sunrise over the west coast

Sunrise over the west coast

Well, I tried to use my FREE denied boarding compensation voucher but it was just such a hassle to get it booked, that I just went ahead the next day and bought a full fare ticket to Las Vegas on the website. That way I did not have to speak to anyone at United. I cannot tell you how frustrated I was and still am at United Airlines. I could not get a reservation agent to help me book this ticket. How can anyone run a business that way. The airlines need all the happy customers they can get. But all they do is Piss People Off on a consistent basis. I will try to use the voucher on my next trip, when I am not working on a deadline and I don’t need to get some where on a particular time and day. But the next time I call United I really want to talk to a person that I can understand and that will not insult me on the phone. Get a Clue United! Hire people that care about your customers! I really liked flying United, I want to like United, but they keep kicking me in the head every time I try to book a flight!

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$25 For A Second Bag? What will they Charge us For NEXT!

Posted by thetraveldoctor on April 29, 2008

Well, the airlines are at it again. First they took away free hot meals, then they started charging for snack boxes. Now it’s time to charge for a second piece of luggage. That’s right, if you have two check pieces of luggage and you are traveling on one of the Legacy carriers, you are going to pay $25 for the second bag. It use to be fun to travel by air, now it is a pain in the you know what.

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